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The Stupid King

by Eddie Lee on 16/12/11 at 6:39 pm

This story is about the kingdom of the Forests.

Long long ago there was a forest. The forest was filled with animals and humans living in peace. Many came and went and everyone was happy. But in the city where the king lived, there were few people that the king went bankrupt. The king ordered the soldiers that.

They would burn the forest. The forest was burned, and the animals and people died. Now the king went completely bankrupt. The King was poor and the city was poorer than all the cities. Finally, the king went crazy and died. And so, the legend of the stupid King passed on, generation after generation, spoken in all languages and countries.

The backstory that noone knew, was that the king was alive, still kicking. You may know him as the name Zefy Drewah, who sold off his kingdom and buildt a new one.

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