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Unique Places to Photograph in Atlanta

by tpham1 on 27/06/11 at 2:47 pm

Atlanta, a city that creates a natural backdrop for great photographs, is also a city that is rich in history. Grab your camera and get out there and snap some pictures.

The “City of Trees” has many beautiful places to take pictures of nature, including birds, trees and the sunny skies. However, in a history-rich city such as Atlanta, the sky becomes just a backdrop. Take out your cameras and check out these unique spots.

Pullman Yard
This historic transportation and industrial complex dates back to the late 19th and early 20th centuries. It is located at 225 Rogers Street in the Kirkwood neighborhood of Atlanta. The brick-clad iron constructed buildings were built by Pratt Engineering, and the brick-clad concrete buildings were built by the Pullman Company. The original buildings still remain on the abandoned site. Though covered in graffiti, this historic site provides plenty of great urban decay shots.

Little 5 Points
Little 5 Points is known as Atlanta’s “melting pot.” It combines a mixture of funky, indie, hippie and eccentric, and it is a must-see site for locals and tourists. Novelty shops, restaurants and unique architecture make up the area, which makes for great photography. One of the first things you may notice about Little 5 Points is the giant skull display at the place voted to have “Atlanta’s Best Burger” – The Vortex Bar and Grill.

Castleberry Hill
Another historic area centrally located in Atlanta is the Castleberry Hill neighborhood. It is a designated “landmark district,” which helps preserve the neighborhood from developers. The most famous district in Castleberry Hill is the art district. Though the art district is experiencing an influx of residents and new businesses, you can check out the train tracks, the abundance of lofts and art galleries.

Old Fourth Ward
One of the oldest sections in Atlanta is the Old Fourth Ward. The Old Fourth Ward is located east of Piedmont Avenue, west of the Poncey-Highland neighborhood, south of Ponde de Leon Avenue and north of the Grant Park neighborhood. The west side of this neighborhood was developed soon after the Civil War. Located in this neighborhood is the Historic Fourth Ward Park, which was one of the first urban park elements of the Atlanta BeltLine project.

Located south of Inman Park, east of Oakland Cemetery, north of Grant Park and west of Reynoldstown, the Cabbagetown neighborhood of Atlanta is listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places. In Cabbagetown once stood the Atlanta Rolling Mill, which was destroyed after the Battle of Atlanta. The Fulton Bag and Cotton Mill began operations on the site in 1881, which has since been turned into a residential loft community. Parts of the building were damaged by a fire in 1999 and then a tornado in 2008, but the building remains, and it makes for great photography. Check out the main drag of the neighborhood, Carroll Street, which has become the home of nice restaurants.

Outside of the perimeter and into the suburbs is Roswell. Take a walking tour of the area. Head to the convention and visitors bureau in Historic Roswell, and grab a map of the historic district. It will give you a brief description of more than 40 key locations in this historic area for you to visit. Sites include the Roswell Mill, Old Roswell Cemetery, the Dolvin House and Bulloch Hall.

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